These times are uncertain in many ways. None of us has the slightest idea of how long the closures, isolation and suspensions will last, and how long it will take the COVID-19 to follow its course in Portugal, let alone in the world.

My massage services have been temporarily closed for some time and, as we face the new realities of a post-COVID-19 world, at the moment I cannot accurately predict an opening date for my services.

While the Portuguese Government reopened some businesses on May 4th, massage therapy establishments and services (other than for medically prescribed services) are to remain closed, as are gyms, fitness centres and spas.

Planning for a New Normality

While so much has changed, my promise to deliver exceptional, innovative, and safe spaces, has not.

With that in mind, over the past few weeks, I have been attentively monitoring developments around COVID-19, the measures adopted by the different nations, guidelines from the World Health Organisation and local health agency (DGS). I am also looking at the additional measures implemented by the wellness industry in locations around the world where restrictions have been lifted, and businesses were allowed to re-open.

So is now my priority to take time to develop a plan for the future of my workplace, which focuses on three key areas: professional distancing, cleanliness and house rules of health.

If you have a soon to expire gift certificate voucher, I will be extending the redemption date.

As I get closer to defining a date of return for hands-on services and availability of massage, I will update this blog and also send out an email!

I look forward to sharing more details over the next few weeks and I WILL see you on the other side of this.

We can get through this together!