A similar massage to Swedish massage but with the application of stronger and deeper pressure into the muscles.

This type of massage is especially beneficial in cases of chronic muscle tensions. It contributes in particular to alleviate or reduce chronic pains and is particularly suited to the treatment of contracted areas such as stiff neck and sore shoulders.

Choose between sessions of 50, 90 or 120 minutes:
  • 50 MIN SESSION: Excellent for a focused half-body or a general full-body treatment.
  • 90 MIN SESSION: The ideal choice for a focused full-body treatment. With this ample amount of time, your mind and body will have the ability to release stress organically, without a sense of urgency.
  • 120 MIN SESSION: The supreme experience of relaxation. Each area of your body is thoroughly cared for, allowing your nervous and muscular systems to deeply restore, and your mind to escape into a timeless relaxation space.